Ahuva Elany Unique Copper Art

Ahuva Elany
Graduate of the Bezalel Art Academy's Welding Department (1998) and the Reshet Amal School of Jewelry Manufacturing (2001).

Throughout most of my years as an artist, I created gold and silver jewelry. I discovered the wonders of copper when the need for a candlestick beyond the reach my young daughter's fingertips arose. With the remains of some copper in my storage room, left over from my school days at the Bezalel Art Academy, I created a most impressive wall candlestick.

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ARZA World - Da'at


ARZA World is a full-service wholesale tour operator, combining tourism services with enhanced programming. We aim to provide tours that address the needs of our clients, including well-honed administrative and logistical support. With a holistic approach to the tour experience, ARZA programs are designed thematically, combining a great balance of sightseeing and entertainment. Our knowledgeable tour guides offer in-depth introductions to each day’s program while leaving plenty of time at each site for answering any question. We also provide custom-made group programs and tours to fit all needs, whether you are interested in a family journey, private tour, bar/bat mitzvah trip or Jewish heritage experience. Our tours allow for a combination of exploration and relaxation, as well as a balanced combination of walking and bus touring. At ARZA World, our views on programming motivate us to create itineraries that are completely experiential, in which all components are fun, interesting and informational.

Guy Millo,CEO gmillo@daattravel.com

Don Goor, Rabbinic Liaison dgoor@daattravel.com

Nimrod Shafran, Senior Vice President nimrod@daattravel.com

Assaf Fried, Vice President assaf@daattravel.com

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Ayelet Tours, Ltd.

Ayelet Tours is second to none in Reform Movement Connections. We are the official travel provider for the World Union for Progressive Judaism and are the long-trusted travel partner of the ACC and CCAR. Our custom Israel and Worldwide Jewish heritage travel experiences combine touring, connecting with local reform communities and top-level guiding and scholarship. Our Best-Day Adventures program provides unique travel opportunities for active Jewish Singles in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Your congregation’s next Journey begins here!

Jeff Rubtchinsky



CCAR Authors' Table

A way for CCAR members who have written books to share their work.

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CCAR Press

CCAR Press is the primary publisher of the Reform Movement and a division of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. Through CCAR Press, and its imprints Reform Judaism Publishing (RJP) and Rabbis Press, CCAR is the source for liturgy, sacred texts, educational materials, apps, and other content for Reform rabbis, cantors and educators; Reform congregations and Jewish organizations; Reform Jews; and the wider Jewish community.

Hara Person

Dan Medwin

Sonja Pilz

Debbie Smilow

Ortal Bensky

Sasha Smith


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CK Travel Services


CK Travel Services provides Jewish Heritage Tours throughout the world. Custom-designed tours are our specialty! Excellent service is given throughout the process of planning and then executing the tour, be it for 1 person or 1000 people! Don't forget the FUN! It's in every itinerary!

Carole Kracer

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Fair Trade Judaica

ilana@fairtradejudaica.org Exhibitor

Exhibit Description Our booth will feature a variety of hand made Judaica products made around the world by fair trade artisans, who received a living wage for their work. Products include kippot, mezuzot, Torah yads, tzedakah boxes, Kiddush cups, candlesticks, and educational resources.
Ilana Schatz


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Build Your Community. Connect With Members. Improve Congregational Care. 

Hineynu is about people helping people. We strive to keep you connected with the needs of your congregation and other caring providers around the nation. Our services can help build your synagogue into a warmer and more nurturing environment that welcomes members, and ensures that everyone feels invited in your caring community.


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Israel Tours Connection Travel


ITC is a 30 year old company that designs custom itineraries for amazing Jewish Heritage tours Worldwide. Israel, Cuba, Europe, South America, Morocco and more.

Micky Zoldan


Israel Tours Connection, LLC


Onsite Representative(s) Micky Zoldan, Larry Ritter


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J Street

The table will feature educational materials geared towards rabbis.

Shaina Wasserman


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Jackie Cohen Jewelry Designs

Jewelry and Judaica set with ancient Roman Glass and semi precious stones.

Jackie Cohen


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Jewish Publications Society


Jewish Publication Society is the preeminent publisher of classic and contemporary Jewish texts for readers of English worldwide. The current list includes nearly three hundred scholarly and popular works of history, philosophy, ethics, and theology. JPS is best known for its acclaimed Bible commentary and its widely read English translation of the Hebrew Bible, the JPS TANAKH.

Barry Schwartz

Amy Lage

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Keshet: The Center for Educational Tourism in Israel


The premier provider of quality educational tour programs in Israel and Europe for adults and families as well as for middle and high school and college students.
A full-service travel organization offering creative, state of the art itineraries, superb guiding, flights, accommodations, and superior professional service - all at competitive prices.

Kayla Ship
Jacqueline Hantgan

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Laurie Gross Studios


Art and design for the worship environment, Ritual Art Objects and Fine Art. Blessings Abound gift collection - something special for all occasions.

Laurie Gross Schaefer

Arthur Gross Schaefer


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Mitzvah Tools


Mitzvah Tools is an all-in-one, cloud-based Bar and Bat Mitzvah education platform that fosters student, parent and educator work-flow and collaboration on all devices, while providing Synagogue Staff with real-time insights into learning, progress and participation.
Dan Moskovitz

On Site Contact: Mark Britowich

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Personalized Judaica Jewelry (Inscriptions in Hebrew letters)

Moshe Ozery

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Welcome to our table to meet and great.

Julian Cook


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Reform Pension Board

RPB has been serving the congregations, institutions and professionals of the Reform Movement since 1944, responding to the needs and concerns of participating organizations and their professionals. As one of the Reform Movement’s cornerstone institutions, RPB works together with congregations affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) and other Reform Movement organizations to fulfill our shared responsibility to enhance the financial security of our professionals and help them attain a dignified retirement.

Michael Kimmel


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RMS - Relationship Management System

Relationship Management Software for Rabbis!

Yaron Kapitulnik

Ran Shochat


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Rosenstein Arts


Art of Mordechai Rosenstein.
Pieces for:
Donor Recognition/Commissions/Awards

Barry Magen

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Sofer on Site


Community educational fundraising Projects. On site Torah care and repairs, saving Synagogues thousands with our first ever Torah care insurance. Serving communities across north America for 30 years!

Menachem Bialo


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Transcontinental Music / JLicense

Exhibit Description Transcontinental Music is the oldest and largest publisher of Rachel Roth

Joe Eglash



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World Passages Ltd.


We are group travel specialists with expertise in missions to Jewish Cuba. 

Jonathan Wessel


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