Rabbi as Supervisor: The Art of One-on-One, with Larry Dressler

1:45 PM, Wednesday 21 Mar 2018 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Hotel Irvine - Trabuco A & B
Many rabbis supervise other clergy, educators, and administrative employees. You know you are suppose to have these meetings on your calendar, but the truth is, nobody ever taught you what exactly they are suppose to achieve and how to make them effective. Do you sometimes feel like you are faking your way through your one-on-one meetings? Are you clear about who owns the agenda for this meeting? Are you and your direct reports getting what you want out of your one-on-ones? What would your one-on-ones look like if they became one of the best parts of their week and yours? In this workshop Larry Dressler will explore an important aspect of supervision -- the art of the one-on-one.
Blue Wing Consulting

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